Zebra Skin Rug Classifications

Animal rugs are one type of rugs that most people love to use for interior beautification. The most popular animal used is the zebra. However, despite the general beauty and elegance of the zebra skins, not all of them are equal in terms of quality. Thus, there is the need to classify them in such a way that they can be differentiated quality wise.

Why Do Zebra Skins Differ in Quality?

The quality of the zebra skin may differ for the following two reasons. Firstly, since zebras happen to be animals of prey, predators may attack them. If the zebra is lucky enough to survive, the skin is left with some battle scars that lower the quality of its skin.

The second factor is due to the mistakes that may occur during skinning. If the hide gets torn during the skinning process, it has to be repaired by hand, but it will leave some repair marks on it.

The Classification Classes for the Zebra Rugs

The zebra hides are classified into four classes depending on the number of scars accumulated due to the reasons discussed above. If the skin has more scars or flaws, it will be classified under a lower grade than the one with fewer flaws. The following are the four grades of classification:

Trophy Grade

This is the highest quality of the zebra skin rug that you can get in the market. It almost has no blemishes at all and it has a natural appearance. All the skins falling under this category are of outstanding standards.

A Grade

This is the second class in terms of quality. It has a few flaws which can only be noticed upon scrutiny. The best thing is that they do not have any repair marks and their quality is admirable. They are very popular among most people.

B Grade

The skins rugs that lie under this category are of good quality even though they have a few noticeable flaws. They are not as expensive as the rugs and trophy and A grade. If you want a nice skin rug without spending too much, this is exactly what you should go for.

C Grade

The skin rugs that fall under this category are the cheapest of all the four classes. Their quality can be ruled out as okay though they have some repair marks and scars that are quite visible. They are also smaller compared to the rest.

That is how the African zebra skin rugs are classified. If you have a passion for real animal skin rugs, then this guide is perfect for you as it will help you determine which kind will suit your requirements.

Once you have purchased your skin rug, you have to take proper care of it so that you can prolong its lifespan. Be sure to read the manufacturers instructions on which cleaning methods and products to use. Remember that a real skin rug is very expensive and you do not want it spoilt or wearing out so quickly.

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